Welcome to the home page of the Peace and Justice Task Force of the Religious Education Association. We hope to build up these webpages as a place to gather and share links to materials that religious educators working with peace and justice issues might find useful.

Introduction to our website

This site is divided -- at least at the moment! -- into three sections. The first one is a gathering place for various contextual issues. Here we are putting links to history, to various statements that specific religious communities have promulgated on peace and justice issues, to a glossary of terms, and to academic papers that we believe are pertinent.

The second section is comprised of practical resources and links to religious organizations that are specifically focused on peace and justice issues.

The third section is more general, and is comprised of anything else people think might be useful that didn't fit in the first two sections (this includes peace and justice issues more generally, not necessarily seen through religious lenses).

If you want to participate in building this page, please contact our web coordinator, Mary Hess, for details on how to access the editing capabilities of this wiki (mhess at luthersem dot edu). Please note that we also have a group on Facebook entitled "REA Peace and Justice Task Force" and we invite you to join that for communication updates.

RE Forum issue now out!

Kudos to Bud Horell for his excellent work in curating other authors and contributing his own essay to a forum in a recent issue of the journal Religious Education, on "religious education as work for justice and a just peace." (See Vol. 105, No. 1, January-February 2010.) Members have free online access to this journal through logging in to our association website.

Denver Meeting

During the upcoming November 7-9, 2010 meeting in Denver, we will be sponsoring a pre-conference workshop that will take place all day Saturday, November 6th. The workshop will be run by the Center for Digital Storytelling, and will focus on digital storytelling techniques for peace and justice work. Details will be available through registration for the annual meeting.

Dallas meeting

During our most recent annual meeting -- November of 2009 -- we hosted a discussion with Len Ellis, the president of the Dallas Peace Center on the topic of "Commonalities of Faith in Working for Peace and Justice: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Interfaith Collaboration."

Chicago meeting

During this meeting in November of 2008 we traveled over to the offices of the Interfaith Youth Core and learned with them about the work they're doing in multifaith youth service work.